OBESITY: When health becomes a time bomb


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Obesity is considered a chronic health problem with an overweight percentage of 20% for men and by 25% for females.

Weight gain is a pre-obesity phase. If you do not get rid of this increase, you will become obese. Know the difference between obesity and overweight through body mass index ( BMI) You can calculate your BMI by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in square meters.

Scores between 25 and 29.9, are overweight.

Scores between 30 and 34.9 are obesity level 1

Scores of 35+ are obesity level 2


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The idea of obesity-calories connection is now old fashioned, where we can find multiple obese cases with normal calorie intake, so here various genetic factors also play a role in the occurrence of obesity.

Scientifically, the body uses the calories it consumes from food to perform organ function, move the body, and engage in normal activities. Even at rest, the body needs calories to pump blood from the heart, digest food or other vital processes. If these calories are not used, they are stored as fat.

Therefore, obesity is caused when calories exceed the rate of energy your body burns, which may occur due to;

– Unhealthy lifestyle

– Lack of exercise

– Wrong eating habits

– Wrong sleeping habits

– Genetic factors

All these factors could lead to improper digestion, thus, leading to fat concentration in the body.


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There are a large number of diseases that are more common in obese people;

• high blood pressure

• type 2 diabetes

• high blood lipid level

• coronary artery disease

• degenerative joint disease

• Some kinds of cancer

• Arthritis (diseases of the joints).

• sleep disturbances

• Hypertension.

• High cholesterol in the blood.

• Gallbladder diseases.

• Osteoporosis.

• Gout.

• And psychosocial disorders.

It’s an explosive disease that could explode at any moment… TAKE CARE!


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Deal with your mind before dealing with your body! It is important to be educated about obesity, how to plan early for the daily menu, and record the meals that have been taken. Behavioral education in obesity treatment is a cornerstone of the way to lose weight properly.



The very first step of dealing with obesity is thinking of “BODY AWARENESS”; Be aware and think of your body, its needs, limits and have the sufficient will to start changing your whole life into a better, healthier one.


Lifestyle modification by having better eating habits;

– Follow certain diet programs that work on weight loss and reduce the proportion of adipose tissue in the body

– Eat unprocessed nutrients, which benefit the cells of the body without being accumulated

– Reduce calorie intake

– Avoid high-fat nutrients, fast food, sugar, and alcohol

– Eat foods high in fiber.



Overweight or obese people need to get at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity physical activity, to prevent weight gain or to maintain a modest amount of weight loss, and to achieve greater weight loss you may need to exercise up to 300 minutes or more per week.

Sports and exercises are the key to successful body transformation, especially when done with experts and trainers that have sufficient knowledge about the health issues, body composition and the targeted goal to help you achieve it faster and more effectively.

At NEXFIT, we provide our clients with a wide range of fitness experts who know perfectly how to deal with severe health problems, obesity, kids’ obesity, injuries, surgeries and more…

Minutes of weekly workouts by NEXFIT can change your entire lifestyle.

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