Write down your goals:

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When you give yourself sufficient time to think about your goals and write them down, you will be automatically prioritizing things and selecting your most important dreams you want to achieve this year.

Always remember, documentation always drives commitment… Let’s write down your goals to stay committed to them.

Be honest with yourself:

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No one knows your dreams as well as your uncertainties better than you.

Let’s be honest with yourself and define your weaknesses and your strength, then start thinking about the reasons behind such gaps to eliminate, and the reasons behind your strength to improve.

If you need to reshape your body, then define what’s the major problem behind not having the ideal body!

Is it about unhealthy dieting? Ineffective exercises? Or even both…

Answering these questions will provide you with the guidance to choose wisely how and where to start.


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Be Realistic

Your first step towards achieving your goals is to be REALISTIC.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself and start with the most applicable goals you defined for yourself. Always remember, the harder the dreams you start with, the faster you quit.

If you want to get that fit, toned body… Then start with your favourite simple exercises that will push you forward to those harder, more effective exercises.

Motivate yourself

At first, you will need professional guidance and support from an expert coach who will lead you to the right track and define your starting point, progress and follow-up.

Moreover, the place where you start your fitness journey plays a crucial role in your commitment. So, always choose from the top gyms in Bahrain, with certified professional trainers.


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Be your own moderator!

Do your checklist, and start checking what you have done, and consider redesigning your goals in the middle of the journey… It’s never too late to reevaluate your capabilities and achievements.

This checklist would help you feel way more motivated and progressive.

Try these simple steps and feel the difference in your new 2020 version!

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