Maintain your Weight in 7 steps

1- Find your GOAL

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Knowing what you want and what is your target is the most important step before even start dieting. Are you losing weight for a special occasion, or for changing your whole lifestyle? Having the intention of changing your lifestyle is the key behind maintaining your targeted weight longer as you will always be keen on never losing what you’ve reached. You should first be your own encourager, then surround yourself with people who are always motivating you to continue with your healthy lifestyle.

2- Quit your unhealthy habits, stick to your healthy ones

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Once you start your diet, you will have more knowledge about your body, its requirements and how to stop your unhealthy habits you used to do before. JUST CONTINUE! Sleeping habits are considered a functional fat burner and a healthy habit you need to stick to. Your body requires an average of 6-8 hours of sleep per day for better digestion process, better mental focus and way more functioning organs.

3- Do Sports

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It is not about sticking to specific gym schedules, it’s way simpler than that! You can easily maintain your weight with simple home workouts, dancing on your favorite music, do your own home zumba class. JUST MOVE! In fact, a lot of people don’t know the fact that about 80% of your fats are burned during a right respiration process. Can you imagine! Oxygen used during breathing is your key fat burner, just make use of it properly.

4- Drink Water

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All your body organs need water to function properly. The average water required for Males is 12-15 cups per day, and for Females around 8-10 cups per day. Differing from one person to another, from activity levels, age and you fat level

5- Manage WHAT to eat

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Many people start craving unhealthy things after a long period of dieting, and this could be your weak period. Just don’t fall and try to do unhealthy meals in an alternative healthy way without preventing yourself from what you love and crave. Always remember; Prevention leads to failure, so never prevent yourself from what you love, but keep your choices as healthy as possible. Try to make your plate full of all your needed nutrients; Proteins, Vitamins, Carbs and Healthy fats.

6- Manage WHEN to eat

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Always try to maintain your calorie intake per day more than worrying so much about what time do you take them. But keep in mind that maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires that you consume around 80% of your daily calorie intake during the day, and leave only 20% for the night so you could give yourself around 2-3 hours of successful digestion before sleeping.

7- Your weight is not your only Judge

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Don’t be too harsh on yourself, don’t let your scale measure your success! Try to avoid measuring your weight on a regular basis as your weight might vary in few days; Water levels in your body varies, fat levels in your body varies, so your weight won’t be stable or constantly decreasing when dieting. Just use your scale monthly to monitor your successful changes.

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