Let your Inbody talk about your success with NEXFIT

What are BMI and INBODY

BMI or “BODY MASS INDEX” is an indication that you have a healthy weight according to your height. BMI helps you to classify your overall health.

Inbody is a more detailed way of measuring your body fat percentage, weight, and muscle mass. This process gives you a better indication for what kind of range you lie in; Underweight, normal, overweight, or Obese.

How to measure your BMI

BMI = weight (kg) / height (m)2

A BMI of 18 or below indicates that the person is underweight

A BMI of 18.5 to 24.99 as normal weight

A BMI of 25 to 29.99 as overweight

And 30+ is considered as obese

These measurements give you an overall idea, without going into your body details that need more attention and care.

With EMS Personal Training Sessions by NEXFIT, you will be able to work more on your body compositions in detail.

How EMS at NEXFIT works on your Inbody

EMS or “Electrical Muscles Stimulation” is the german training technology brought to you by NEXFIT. At EMS Personal Training sessions; It’s only YOU and YOUR TRAINER, who will be working on every detail of your body. Some people are targeting building muscles and bulking, while others are looking for fat loss and reducing their overall BMI.

EMS works on BOTH! You will be reducing all the excess calories in your belly, legs, arms, and glutes while gaining muscles instead and attaining a toned healthier body, only in 20 minutes per week, which is equivalent to 3-4 hours of regular exercises.

Moreover, EMS Personal Trainers will be sharing your achievements with you through a monthly Inbody test, introducing more details to you on how to maintain your success and discussing your further steps on the right track.

Case of success

We are changing many lives every day, and continuing this success with YOU.

We love to see our clients happy with their results, forgetting about all the hard first steps they took to start.

ARMANI, one of our heroes, managed to lose 3.8 Kilograms of Fats, and gained 800 Grams of muscles in ONE MONTH!

One month of hard work, dedication, and commitment changed his overall body as well as his satisfaction level when seeing his results, and observing the confidence in his eyes is our main target

Armani is one of our thousands of successful cases and life-changing experiences…

Now; It is your turn to write your story of fitness success with NEXFIT EMS Sessions.

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