Four Merits of TRX Class at NEXFIT

★ About TRX

An innovative way of converting boring types of exercises into a more entertaining exercise on hanging loops, that makes your whole body works. TRX Classes rely on your way of moving your body, your different angles of exercising as well as your incomplete reliance on those loops. Such loops are simply assisting you in making the exercise harder and more effective.

★ Body Toner

TRX exercises use gravity and your body weight as a key to challenging yourself; Working on your whole body to get the most out of it. Toning your body usually necessitates types of exercises that help you burn those extra calories and convert them into strong muscles, and this is what exactly the job of TRX Classes; burning all extra calories, enhancing muscles while getting closer to your perfect body.

★ Core Burner

Targeting your core area, belly and back, is a challenging thing that needs specific core-targeting exercises. With TRX Classes, you are the one who controls this process by focusing on your belly movements along with the assistance of the loop to maximize the results. Only weekly minutes from TRX will make your core burns, stretched and flattened.

★ Muscle Builder

You don’t need weight lifting anymore for building muscles. TRX Classes are using your own bodyweight to fight gravity for more resistance and way stronger muscles. It works ideally for building muscles without exposing yourself to injuries.

★ Best Studio

All the benefits of TRX Classes must be accompanied by the energetic ambience and the expert trainers providing you with a distinguished exercising experience. Only at NEXFIT, You can find top certified experts, wide clean studio with loops hanging up to 300 kgs and adjusted to all heights and ages.

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