7 Simple Tips to Reduce Your Carbs Intake

Cut Down On Sugary Drinks

Avoiding sugar is the number one rule if you want to eat fewer carbs. Beverages we drink as refreshments are full of sugar. Opt for beverages that don’t contain any sugar, or use low carb sweetener. Another beverage to avoid is fruit juice, as they are full of sugar and carbs.

Avoid Bread

Bread is an essential part of the middle eastern kitchen. Unfortunately, it is high in carbs and low in fiber. Whole grain bread contains nutrients, but you can find these nutrients in other foods that are low in carb.

Snack On Low Carb Food

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A lot of people have the habit of bad snacking, and they choose snacks full of carbs or sugar. If you choose high protein snacks, you will eat less food later and minimize your carb intake.

Choose Low Carb Veggies

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It is crucial to include vegetables in our diet. They provide nutrients, protein and fibers. But we need to replace the veggies that are full of carbs like potatoes, peas, and corn with low carb vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, avocados, cauliflower, and leafy greens.

Opt For High Protein Food

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It is known that protein is very important for our bodies; also eating healthy protein at every meal will make you feel full and boost your metabolism. Choose healthy protein sources like eggs, fish, meat and cottage cheese.

Research Your Food

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It is essential to know exactly what we are eating when we are on a diet. We recommend it even when you are not following a diet. Knowing what’s inside your food will help you make better decisions. We also recommend reading labels. You can understand how much carbs you will be consuming just by doing that.

Count Your Calorie Intake

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With so many diets, low carb diet proved its effectiveness. Simply, it makes you eat fewer calories than you burn. There are a lot of apps in which you can count your calories. We recommend downloading one of these apps and count the calories you consume. Just list your food and it will tell exactly how much calories in your meal so you can manage your food intake effectively.

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