★What is a Barre Class

A workout that combines different exercising styles from Ballet, Pilates and Yoga. It’s simply about standing still while doing exercises that stretch your whole body, strengthen your posture as well as relaxing your tensioned muscles.

★Benefits of Barre Class

Barre Classes mix the benefits from each of the Ballet, pilates and yoga, and provide you with an effective exercise having multiple benefits; – A full-body workout. – Perfect for first-timers to exercising. – Ideal for body stretching and mind relaxing. – Can be with or without equipment, depending on your tolerance. – Enhance your body Balance. – Enhance weight loss and muscles gain. – Strengthen core muscles – Good for injury recovery.

★Barre Classes are unique at NEXFIT

The partnership between NEXFIT and Les Mills brought to you their various unique classes, as Barre Classes, for the first time in Bahrain. NEXFIT is not only providing you with a great exercising mood and perfectly equipped studio but also you are trained with top experts who have the sufficient knowledge to help you reach your goal easier, faster and in an effective satisfying way.

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