Bad Habits you are following without FEELING!


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Getting your body used to fast food and fizzy drink is TOXIC! It is one of the main causes of obesity as it contains high calories, and a high percentage of saturated fat. Which increases the proportion of bad cholesterol in the blood, and thus increase the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. Also, eating fruits right after your meals are complicating the digestion process. So it is advised to eat fruits after 2-3 hours of your main meal.

Sleeping Routine

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Your body is under your full responsibility. REST IT! Many people think that 3-5 hours per day are enough. Others see that they could reverse their day and night sleeping routines. But they are actually destroying their brain cells. For a better functioning body and mind, maintain a daily sleeping hours between 6 to 8 hours at night. Moreover, taking small naps during the day works as a restart for your body. It refreshes your organs and makes you more focused and productive. It is advised to take a nap of 30-45 minutes during day

Activity Level

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When you do some kind of exercise to lose weight, gain weight or build muscle mass, you may exercise it violently and strongly in a way that prevents maintaining your weight. Also, if you do not exercise gradually, your weight will return to the former as well as muscle strain. Thus, fitness is important but avoid excessive violent exercises.


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Placing your mobile phone, tablet or laptop in the same room while sleeping affects the biological clock of your body and causes metabolic problems. It also affects brain cells with the tons of signals getting out of each device. So, always try to keep your mobile as far from room as you can.

Excess Medicine

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One extra pill can KILL! You may be taking a lot of painkillers, but this is a disaster. It contains substances that work on high blood pressure and bleeding of the digestive system and it works to increase stomach ulcers. Moreover, in some cases increase the long-term risk of heart attack. Save yourself and take painkillers and minimum as possible under you doctor’s supervision.

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